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Business Investment Advice and Forecasting

Fundamentally, investors want to know some basic information:

1.      What are realistic returns for each of the different sectors and will certain sectors provide better returns than others?

2.     How will the plummeting wholesale price of cannabis impact the future returns[1]?

3.     How will California’s changing legal landscape impact investor decisions?

4.     What challenges exist to successful operations?

5.     What do the forecasts show?

With a combined 50 years in the cannabis sector, and having experience in other states, our principals know the historical trends, and have successfully predicted how the markets have emerged.   We have already assisted our clients in placing millions of dollars in retails, cultivation and manufacturing projects. 

While knowing the hard numbers is essential, so it understanding the unique cultural and social components of California’s cannabis lanscape, from the northern and rural cultivating counties, to the urban retail markets in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.  Our ability to track these unique markets through our connections on the ground, gives us a distinct advantage over firms who merely track numbers.  We are deeply entrenched in the industry.