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Matthew Kumin Esq.

Matt’s first started working as a business consultant in 1988, providing consulting services to a Fortune 50 executive management team. That work laid the foundation for his subsequent 20 years as a business attorney in the cannabis space, going out of his way and at personal risk, to proactively advise, protect and assist cannabis operations.  Throughout those first two decades of California’s experiment in medical cannabis, Matt set up hundreds of California consumer cooperatives and advised them how to comply with local and state laws while helping them navigate the gray zones.  In the past 4 years, Matt has worked with emerging cannabis businesses to forecast the dynamic cannabis marketplace and to help position those businesses for success.

In 2017, he formalized his consulting practice, forming Alan, Kumin and Associates with co-founder, Terrance Alan That move recognized that most cannabis businesses now need business consultants, market watchers, connectors and advisors and that attorneys are not as essential to business start-ups.  Matt fills that role. Concretely, he has helped businesses obtain local permits and state licenses, including clients operating as equity incubators and incubatees. He works with clients to plan appropriate businesses, and identify and arrange for financing. He uses his network, built up over the past 23 years in the California cannabis space, to help his clients succeed.