Letter from Matt Kumin Announcing Tim Wright's Cannabis Project in Shasta

My political ally in Trinity County, the blunt, sensible Tim Wright, has been very effective next door in Shasta County, and supported the efforts of Shasta Lake as that City adopted a cannabis permitting Ordinance.  And, Shasta Lake voters recently approved, to accompany that Permitting Ordinance,  a very reasonably-calibrated tax in a special election.  I’ve been watching Tim move a very cool land Project forward in Shasta Lake that will make a number of permits, 15-20, available to cannabis businesses, especially craft and small operators.  It’s not just the availability of the permits and the way the City has taken a leadership position among all North State cities and counties that makes me excited about the prospects for this Project.  The project is also innovative with small-business friendly features, with an incubator and subsidized rents.  Tim will also be offering technical advice and assistance with the local permitting process.  For many I know -  clients, friends, North State cannabis operators, neighbors of mine in Humboldt - and for many I don’t know (!) finding a city or county willing to issue local permits, is a challenge (to say the least).  Every day, whether I’m wearing my law hat or my consulting hat, people tell me they are having problems finding a city or county that will allow them to operate a cannabis business.  This may be an option and a good fit for a number of them.   For sure, it’s a huge relief for our community that at least one jurisdiction in the North State is a Cannaoasis in a sea of cities and counties banning all forms of cannabis commercial operations.  As for Tim, well, he’s a can-do guy (and a bit pushy like me!), and way more effective than most cannabis business-people I know.  Alison Edrington’s #RFN resonates with him.  I was particularly impressed when Tim joined forces with California Cannabis Voice, stepping forward with other allies like Mai Vue, organizing the community and advocating very publicly in the press, and at the Board of Supervisors, for rational cannabis legislation.  I’m working with Tim now, wearing my consulting hat as a partner in Alan, Kumin & Associates, helping him get the word out about the Project.  I’m happy to talk with anyone about it and can also put you in touch with Tim directly.



Matthew Kumin