Consultants  for the Cannabis Industry

Informed by decades of experience, AK&A advises both large and small cannabis businesses on issues facing the cannabis industry.

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State Licensing, Local Permitting and Political Consulting

Anyone who wants to be in the California cannabis industry (e.g. commercially growing, distributing, manufacturing, testing, or selling, legally under State, not Federal, law) has to understand the first rule: you cannot get a state license, which is required to operate a CA-only legal business, unless you have the approval of the local governmental unit in which you are operating. That’s approval from one of 482 distinct cities and 58 counties, 540 in total (not to mention the potential quasi-local power given to certain of CA’s native American tribes).

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Matt and Terrance have had the opportunity to advise both large and small businesses, state and local politicians, and federal regulators on issues facing the cannabis industry because within the industry their judgement is trusted.  The networks they have fashioned throughout the communities they served over the past 60 years of their combined experience in California has translated into an influential partnership.

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