Muni bans cannabis ads on its buses

Ads for recreational pot will be banned going forward on San Francisco’s public transit system after a vote by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.
-SF Examiner 11/21/2017

OPINION: Cannabis is not a threat to our neighborhoods

"If we treated bars and nightlife the way some at City Hall want to treat weed outlets, this city would be a much worse place


November 7, 2017


SF looks to Oakland as it plans to regulate recreational pot sales

Terrance gives his thoughts on the SF regulations in this Chronicle cover story.


How to Make Cannabis in San Francisco Work: Part II

How to Make Cannabis in San Francisco Work: Part I

Cannabis activist Terrance Alan shares his insights on the denial of a Sunset dispensary.

The Spirit of Brownie Mary Lives On

Terrance, Ken, and Aren present at the San Francisco Brownie Mary Democratic Club on September 13, 2017. 
TerranceInside Flore.jpg